About Us

Call us today at (760) 995-3266. And after getting our prompt, affordable, and effective tree care services, you can start spreading the word of why we are the go-to tree care company in Apple Valley, CA.

Achieve the Green and Vigorous Tree You Always Wanted

International Tree Management is a tree care company founded in Apple Valley, CA. Our culture is shaped by the values of honesty, responsibility, punctuality, and quality.

Every day, we go out to serve you having a single purpose in mind. That is to guarantee green, strong, healthy, and perfectly shaped trees.

But taking care of your trees is not an easy and safe job. That’s why you should put yours and your loved ones’ safety first by hiring our experienced and punctual arborists.

We are lucky as a company to have the support of a highly skilled, experienced, young, and diligent team of arborists. They can provide to you safe and effective tree care services.

Also, we have the right equipment to prune and remove trees in a safely way.

The opportunity to have the healthiest, greenest, and nicest tree in your neighborhood is just one call away!

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